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Maklaud Hero X Izzirubel

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Bringing Maklaud to the Canada Market these Russian Hookahs are made from AISI 304 pure stainless steel and perfectly polished. Each insert is handcrafted from high quality brass truly showcasing Maklaud’s passion for shisha. They provide the perfect draw for those that want that traditional hit without having to pull too hard all whilst proving to be a perfect showpiece for any environment.


  • Shaft material: stainless steel AISI 304
  • Insert material: Brass
  • Shaft Height: 70cm
  • Valve: External
  • Mounting system: Seal
  • Diffuser: Unregulated
  • Shaft inner diameter: 14mm


  • Stem
  • Saucer-Tray
  • Bowl seal
  • Flask seal
  • Spare Ball Valve
  • Box branded Maklaud
  • Gazzik insert
  • Silicone hose – black or silver
  • Mouthpiece/handle – Black or silver

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