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Mob cloud king hookah - red

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Introducing the " CLOUD KING "

the most elite smoking hookah to enter the market, engineered to perfection & designed to help achieve a smooth draw in combination with large clouds. This hookah is the right balance between modern and traditional, also very easy to use and Has smart features such as: Internal carb for easy smoke clearing On or off diffuser option Plug in hose Steady Lotus design tray A unique hybrid and the first of its kind !

Comes Complete with a good quality funnel Clay Bowl and High-end Hose.  

For all you Hookah lovers, Mob Hookah offers the best Cloud King Hookah. It is one of the most influential Hookahs available on the market today. It is perfectly designed and engineered to assist in achieving a smooth draw while forming those big clouds. The Cloud King Hookah by Mob Hookah makes a perfect balance between the latest and all traditional styles. We offer a very durable Pink Hookah that is made perfectly by the best workmanship. It comes with a long handle, strong hose, and detachable diffuser.

Check out some of the features of the Cloud Hookah:

  • To facilitate easy smoke clearance, it has an internal carb.
  • It has both on and off diffuser option.
  • The tray has a consistent lotus design.
  • It has the best quality funnel clay bowl as well as the high-end hose.
  • Plug-in hose.
  • It is very easy to use and set up.
  • It possesses the antique hookah designs but also gives a modern appeal.

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