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Hooky Steel hookah

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With expertise recognised by the entire market, HOOKY has come up with a "traditional" sophisticated and very functional shisha pipe, with all the avant-garde characteristics of this French brand. Entirely made of V2A stainless steel, from the vase to the mouthpiece, the HOOKY STEEL shisha pipe is a super durable and high-performance model.

The 52 cm tall Hooky Steel has a male bowl connector that is compatible with most female bowls available on the market.

The unusual molasses catcher will retain any excess molasses for an optimal session.

The Hooky Steel plunger contains a built-in diffuser. Additionally, the height of the plunger and the amount of water were precisely measured and calculated to achieve a universal draw to suit everyone.

The mouthpiece comes with three different tips: plastic, glass and metal, which all have a different feel in the mouth, so that everybody can pick their favourite for a really enjoyable session.

Tongs and a hose hanger are also included.

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