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Makloud Hookah X Helios Ishet Z

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MAKLAUD is a brand of shisha pipes and accessories from Russia. Specialising in the manufacture of high quality products, MAKLAUD shisha pipes are truly exceptional items.

The MAKLAUD HELIOS ISHET Z is an exceptional shisha pipe in its finish, design and performance. The brass insert in the centre of the MAKLAUD HELIOS ISHET Z's stem is proof of MAKLAUD's know-how and really sets this Russian brand apart. It is used for purging.

The MAKLAD HELIOS ISHET Z is manufactured in a limited and numbered edition.

Delivered in a wooden box, the MAKLAUD HELIOS ISHET Z shisha pipe also comes with a black silicone hose, plus a skull candle.

The MAKLAUD HELIOS ISHET Z is made entirely from high quality stainless steel. The stem is attached to the vase via a seal.

Shisha Features:

  • SIZE: 63 cm
  • BASE: glass
  • BOWL: not included
  • HOSE: silicone & aluminum handle
  • GROMMETS: Integrated sealing
  • FIXING: with rubber
  • OTHER: diffuser included

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