Oduman Ignis – Revo

Oduman Ignis – Revo



Oduman Ignis Revo is the improved version of Oduman Ignis.

  • Aluminium parts of the product is high alloy and original aluminium material.
  • There is a special ventilation sheet metal which is made of 304 quality steel for the coal to get air.
  • It has a tongs to lift the cover, adjust the temperature of the coal and carry coals.
  • The colours of the product is metalic bronze and silver grey.
  • The coal capacity is 3 cubes.
  • Long smoking time
  • 3 stage temperature control channels
  • Has a long service life.
– Ceramic metarial
– Phunnel type
– Washable
– Suitable with Oduman Ignis
– Comes together with silicone
– Colorful and strong box


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