MIDAS Hookah Foggy – Black

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MIDAS Hookah Foggy – Black


MIDAS Hookah Foggy

This shisha has had a long journey, it comes from Greece, flew across the Mediterranean with 8 different color variants and looked down over Italy until it was just waiting for you.


 The Midas Foggy convinces with its beauty and elegance!

The Midas are made of high-quality aluminum and is a plug-in system, the immersion tube is made of beautiful stainless steel and has a diffuser that can also be unscrewed if possible. The smoke column also serves as an exhaust valve, as it consists of small rings pressed together. So the whole thing looks really good and it’s just something unique that has never been done before.


Is this hookah easy to clean?

If you want to clean a Midas Shisha, you should disassemble it so that you only have the column of smoke in your hand, and blow from above into the column of smoke / exhaust valve so the excess water that is in the column of smoke is blown out. Now simply wipe dry with a cloth and the cleaning of your Midas Shisha is done.



  • black silicone hose
  • stem
  • plug-in system
  • charcoal plate
  • mouth tip
  • glass vase


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