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MYA QT Hookah


At 14″ tall, the Mya QT hookah is a mini-marvel that astounds with its unrivaled portability and durability. Don’t let the size fool you – this workhorse of a hookah is one of the most reliable you can buy.

  • 14″ Hookah
  • Packaged in a Wire Basket
  • Thick glass base
  • Stainless steel stem

Mya QT shows style and charm, best of all – quality and durability.It is classic and high quality and durable hookah. The MYA QT is a Piece of Art. This 14 inches tall MYA QT S-Class is Packaged in a Wire Basket, making it easy to carry along with you. The portable and durable hookah is one of the top in the market of it’s kind.

This Hookah comes with the following parts:

1. Bowl

2. Plate

3. Stem

4. Glass

5. Hose

6. Tong

7. Basket


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