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hookah Squeeze Paste Flavors

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hookahSqueeze from the Squeezy-Tube: Super easy and even more intense!

Thanks to the creamier consistency, hookahSqueeze now connects even better with your shisha tobacco! Decide for yourself: over or under the tobacco... but our favorite is the squeezey sandwich setup: Squeeze at the bottom, then the tobacco – and squeeze a little more on top. With good tobacco, a massive funnel and stainless steel HMD, two hours of pleasant smoking time are easily possible. A bit of head building skills required

Less is more - Squeezy is very economical!

Start with a small amount of the paste - you can always add more to the next bowl if you want it to taste even more intense! And if you want to smoke the shisha paste pure, without tobacco, you need more heat than usual, especially at the beginning. It is best to give the head 5-10 minutes to warm up after putting on the charcoal.