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Moze Breeze Pro - Candy Line Grey/White

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The Moze Breeze Pro impresses with its easy handling and modern design. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique look and the stunning blow-offs.
The annoying conversion is over - with the Breeze Pro you can easily change the blowoff by turning the sleeve slightly. With the PushToPurge feature, the Pro also brings you a long-awaited feature - by pressing the button and blowing into the hose, the air is fed directly into the smoke column and ensures that your head cools down.

Main features of the Moze Breeze Pro

The blowoff variants and other features explained at a glance:

  • Launch Blowoff : In this scenario, the smoke rises from the base towards the plate along the column of smoke. To do this, the sleeve is rotated to the right (viewed from above).
  • Rainfall Blowoff : Here the smoke below the charcoal plate falls the column of smoke in the direction of the base. To do this, the sleeve is turned to the left, the plate is turned to the right (seen from above).
  • Plate Blowoff : The smoke exits from the gap between the small and large charcoal plates. To do this, the sleeve and charcoal plate are turned to the left (viewed from above). 
  • Smooth draft : The Breeze Pro not only impresses with its looks, but also with its performance. Due to the adjustments compared to the Breeze Two, the Breeze Pro enables a gentle pull and a good tightening behavior that, coupled with the simple blow-off system, leaves nothing to be desired.
  • Dettachable diffusor : The diffusor of the Moze Breeze Pro can be removed and screwed on on both sides. This allows you to easily decide whether you want to hear quiet or loud noises when smoking. If you opt for the loud bubbling of the whistle, we recommend screwing on the diffuser with the holes pointing towards the base so that you don't misplace it.
  • Lasered Plates: The carbon plates of the Moze Breeze Pro are lasered. The lasered pattern distinguishes the charcoal plates from conventional ones and gives your Breeze Pro an additional striking design.
  • +LINE Products : We also offer additional customization products for the Breeze Pro. With the +LINE products you can let your imagination run wild. The +LINE products are constantly being further developed and give you the opportunity to make your Breeze Pro truly unique!


  • Height: about 40cm without head
  • Diameter (large charcoal plate): 16cm
  • Materials: stainless steel, epoxy resin / acrylic resin
  • Sleeve Color: Candy Grey/White
  • Bowl: Clear

Scope of delivery:

  • bowl
  • diffuser (stainless steel)
  • dip tube (stainless steel)
  • base (stainless steel)
  • smoke column core (stainless steel)
  • Smoke Column Sleeve - Candy Grey/White (Acrylic / Epoxy)
  • discharge element (stainless steel)
  • Charcoal plate 1 (stainless steel)
  • Charcoal plate 2 for top plate purge (stainless steel)
  • Head adapter (stainless steel)
  • Mouthpiece 2 parts (stainless steel)
  • Mouthpiece sleeve (acrylic / epoxy resin)
  • Bowl Gaskets (2 Sizes - Grey) (Silicone)
  • head gasket (silicone)
  • Balls (Glass & POM)