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Ocean Kaif "S" - Edition 2 - Black & White

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Ocean Hookah - Kaif "S" Edition 2 - Black & Blue

A follow up to the first version, Ocean Hookah takes the Kaif "S" Edition 2 to a whole new level. With the Edition 2, comes a new and improved purge system. In the previous model of the Kaif "S", to adjust the purge blow-off to their preference, the user had to completely remove the top components and rearrange them accordingly. However,  it is no longer necessary to rebuild the blow-off system of the hookah. The user can change the direction of the blow-off as desired during the session. Simply turn the ash plate to the clockwise or counterclockwise until it stops and the upper or lower valve opens. 

As always, all individual parts of Kaif are made of V2A stainless steel which has been PVD coated. Unlike the sleeves, which are made of acrylic, polished and lacquered with transparent high gloss. Available in several new colors and the stainless steel pieces feature a subtle pattern engraving. Also, the handle is different from the first edition, it is grooved to fit comfortably in the user's hand and has a completely different design.

Scope of Delivery 

  • Bowl adapter (V2A)
  • Blow-off plate with large ocean star laser engraving (V2A)
  • Blow-off system consisting of 6 individual parts (V2A)
  • Charcoal plate
  • Smoke column tube/stem (V2A)
  • Stem sleeve (acrylic)
  • Engraved heart (V2A)
  • Hose adapter w/ O-rings (V2A)
  • 2x Bowl grommet /thin (silicone)
  • Immersion tube/downstem (V2A)
  • Diffuser (V2A)
  • Glass Base
  • Handle (V2A / acrylic)
  • Travel bag 


  • Height: 38 cm
  • Plug-In base
  • Rust proof