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Space Smoke hookah Flavours - Arabian Line

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Contents of the paste include natural ingredients of the highest quality

We found a new way of looking at a hookah mix. We’ve developed an innovative mineral base and perfected it in order to replace traditional tobacco. It provided a number of benefits.

Mineral base

Natural adsorbent consists of 100% natural minerals, shredded to microscopic particles. It ensures the perfect flavor representation.

Purified glycerol

We use purified glycerol (99%) to produce the hookah paste. It allowed us to achieve a perfect consistency and a lot of smoke.


We use nature-identical flavoring substances from the major premium european producers.

Liquid nicotine

The paste is tobacco-free. We use natural liquid nicotine naturally extracted from burley tobacco leaves to produce space smoke paste.

Let’s be creative! There are endless ways of mixing the paste

Using only the paste

Space smoke basic line includes 19 flavors, which you can smoke separately or mix with each other endlessly. For those who like stronger hookah, we have “hardness” booster that is used to strengthen the hookah.

Paste and tobacco

You can also mix the paste with tobacco. This mix can increase heat-resistance, saturation of tobacco and duration of the smoking session. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best way of smoking the paste.

The resuscitation

You can revive your hookah by adding a little amount of the paste. It brings back the tight smoke making your hookah fresh again.

Paste packing instruction. 

We’ve demonstrated the right way of using the paste and how to mix it with tobacco. In this video we’re talking about burning control and heat-resistance click here 


Instructionof using the paste

  • Bowl we use phunnel bowls.
  • Paste 10-15 the amount of the paste needed to pack a hookah bowl.
  • Kaloud kaloud or foil standardized kaloud.
  • Coal 4 coals 25mmbest for the paste.
  • Cover it takes 8minutes to warm up the bowl if using the cover +4 min if not using the cover.